Clogged Drains TorontoClogged Drain Pipe with roots

Often enough we get calls from customers looking to help th
em with plumbing issues and waterproofing. Most of home owners are unable to describe the problem and would not know what services to ask for. Our team of salesmen and coordinators will come out for a customer call to assess the situation and give the quote for the work with explanations of steps taken in the process. When there is a call for the problem with flushing down the toilet or the water does not go down in the kitchen sink, the regular answer after the inspection to the client would be that clogged drain does not let water go through. By using inspection camera we would be able to locate the place where the drain got clogged and provide a solution to remove the waste from the pipes. By providing our clients with information on drain issue they have and showing on camera part of the drain that is clogged we are educating them about the work that needs to be done. We are in this business for a long time and want to provide the best possible service to our client as referrals play a big part of marketing in Toronto.

How to avoid clogged drains

Not every home owner thinks that there could be maintenance arranged for the drain before the problem actually comes up. As a matter of fact most of the drain blockages accumulate with time and if you properly take care of the pipes you will avoid the permanent drain issue that needs repairs. This could be done by using special chemicals or scheduling appointment with professional that will leave your drain pipes clean. Our other suggestions for avoiding clogged drains are to watch out for the hair that goes into sink. This is very major issue as hairs grab on to everything and create a web that within time will get your drain blocked. When washing your dishes or simply putting them into kitchen sink, make sure that your food leftovers do not go down the drain. Carefully collect everything off your plate and throw it into the garbage. Food wastes are top reasons for clogged drains in kitchen. Toilet drain pipe is larger, but there is no need for flushing down everything that you can fit in. Personal hygiene items, paper towels, plastics and other wastes should be placed in garbage or recycle instead of toilet drain.

Tools used for clogged drains

Every situation is different when it comes to clogged drains and different tools can be used to resolve the problem. The simplest tool each house should have for dealing with drain problems is a plunger. If the stoppage is relatively small and close to the entrance point, the use of plunger should be enough to get your pipes working again. For all other situations professional Toronto Drain Company will use inspection camera to locate the issue and analyze it properly. Those cameras are very expensive to purchase and complicated in use. Our price for inspection your drain in Toronto will be surprisingly lower that an average competitor company. When the blockage is located we can use the snake to shake it up and get the wastes out of the drain pipes. For the clogged drains that are more complicated and are stronger than snake could take on, we recommend using power washer. By using very small stream of water under high pressure we make sure that blockage gets destroyed without damaging the pipe from inside. In some situations we would be able to use chemical cleaner for blockages in drain pipes. This method is not recommended to do on your own. Only highly experienced drain company should be using this equipment.

Mistakes when working with drain

There are times when home owners or business managers underestimate drain issues and think problems can be solved without hiring an experienced professional. First main issue of dealing with clogged drains on your own is lack of equipment. The tools that we use can cost as high as tenth of thousand dollars, and average home owner would not have them at home. If you are not careful with equipment you are using, your problem can escalate very rapidly. You can damage the pipe or even brake from the inside. Metal and high pressure equipment is very dangerous to use and can make holes in your drain pipes. While working with clogged drain the priority should be on the worker, and DIY projects usually end up with an injury. In plumbing and waterproofing business we know how to use and select appropriate personal protective equipment. You should always be thinking of head, face and hand protection when working with plumbing and drain equipment. Let’s say you did all that and have found the drain problem. By using proper equipment you got the blockage out and are almost done. We have experienced many situations where clients have taken apart their drain system and are now stuck in putting it all back together. Call us today to get the job done faster and safer.

Which company to call

There are many drain companies in Toronto that claim to be the best, but who do you call? First of all you need to figure out what type of services you require. If you are too worried about spending money upfront and just need to fix the clogged drain, regardless of quality, call someone from kijiji. Damaged or broken drain pipes can cost several thousand dollars to repair and to do the job properly we recommend calling a professional company. We are fully licensed and insured drain company in Toronto, that care about all of the clients, because that is what it takes to stay in this business. We will go to all emergency calls and provide fast repair solution to home owners and businesses. Comparing to all of our competitors in Greater Toronto Area our prices are very low for the quality services we provide. Most of our work comes from referrals and you can read all about what we do on websites such as homestars, houzz and many more. You can find hundreds of reviews from our previous clients for clogged drains and waterproofing.