Drain Camera Inspection TorontoDrain Camera Inspection

Our company has established reputation in Toronto for one of the top drain and plumbing companies. We use top equipment for drain camera inspection and will find your problem inside the pipe regardless of the blockage and distance we have to push our camera. We can inspect any drain, be it a large floor drain pipe or just a small sink. This is the best way to detect damaged pipes from inside and have a video on DVD. You are not obligated to do any work with our company after the inspection is completed. If any home owner wants to choose other company for fixing and repairing drain, they take the DVD from drain camera inspection we performed and call other companies for estimate. This creates a fair market without cornering the client and making him pay more than drain job really costs. Equipment we use for inspecting your drain pipes costs up to fifteen thousand dollars and has to be used by a professional with experience. Otherwise you can damage the pipe or camera, which will be quite expensive. Call drain service Toronto to find out what exactly is wrong with your drain system and have a video recorded with camera going through pipes.

Why do drain camera inspection?

There could be complications if drain cleaning equipment is used for wrong purposes. Because of that the first thing we recommend doing is drain camera inspection of suspected area. First purpose of it is to identify if there is a problem with drain pipes or is it something else. There are times when water pressure makes it look like drain is blocked and home owners are looking for a fix. Once we find out that there is a problem, drain camera inspection will give video feed and technician will let you know what sort of problem it is and methods to fix it. It could be anything from small cracks and leaks to complete blockage and pipe collapse. The next questions we are able to answer with our equipment is: how far the blockage or problem is. By pushing the camera through pipes we will get an idea of the distance. This information will give us idea of what equipment we should use and how to proceed with repairing your drain pipe. We recommend being proactive and using camera inspection services as maintenance before any major issue arises. This will save you thousands of dollars and you will avoid big repairs at your home.

How does it work?

Everyone talks about camera inspection before any drain repairs can be done in your house, but what is it and how does it work? First of all this is equipment that costs a lot of money and small to middle range plumbing/drain companies may not have them at use. The cost for inspection camera can be as high as fifteen thousand dollars for brand new tool. It is a cable wire with tiny camera mounded to the end. It can travel the distance of 200 feet inside the drain pipe to find the blockage or collapse. The camera is gives live video feed to monitor and you can see where it is traveling and what type of problem you are dealing with. On top of that, it can burn DVD for the inspection and you can use it or save for future use. Sometimes home owners decide that they will replace the pipe in few weeks from the time of inspection and may even consider asking different drain companies for quotations. The option to save the video and use it later helps clients to plan their schedules and budget.

Is camera inspection a good fit for you?

If your house is relatively new, you as a home owner would not think there could be any problems with drain pipes. Unfortunately it happens to all houses, regardless of the age. One of the reasons newly build place will have this problem is due to ground shifting. Soil can move and put enormous amount of pressure on new pipes. To find out if the pipe is broken, cracked or just moved out of proper slope our team suggests using drain camera inspection. Any issues in older houses need to be inspected before any work takes place. Otherwise you may increase the damage by not knowing which tools to use and where the location of the blockage is.

Drain problems that require camera inspection

  • Roots in the drain – a good example of residential home pipe problem is when roots from the trees go into your pipes and start growing there. To fix and change the pipe outside of the house with roots in it, our team will need to locate the exact place and dig down a trench. Without using drain camera inspection you will be digging all around the place and your front yard will be a mess.
  • Collapsed pipes – there are situations when drain pipes collapse and it could happen because of many reasons. Old pipes wear out and get weaker with time. Some pipe collapses can happen inside of the house, while most of them fall outside because of ground pressure. We will be able to locate exact position and change that piece of pipe instead of changing the entire system.
  • Cracked drain – leakage could occur from small cracks in drain pipe and it has to be fix immediately. Home owners may think that there is just a small crack and it can be fixed with glue or some sort of tape, but unless we look from inside there is no certainty. Usually the crack is much larger than it seems and requires the section of the pipe to be changed to prevent future damage.
  • Drain blockage – almost every house and business place will have drain blockage one day if not being careful and proactive. The reason we need to use drain camera inspection in these events is we need to identify what caused it. By understanding what is inside the pipes, our professionals will be able to select appropriate methods and equipment to deal with blockage.