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We perform all sorts of repairs and installations in residential and commercial buildings, but not all of the jobs end up being large and expensive. Sometimes after the inspection is done, drain cleaning is all that needs to be done in order to stop the blockage. Obviously there are companies and contractors that take advantage of home owners that are not familiar with piping and drain system overall. Our main goal is to help customers and educate about all sorts of problems that could arise with current drain system. While doing inspection you will see on the monitor the blockage or any other problems inside your pipes. Our latest technologies and equipment helps our clients understand the work we are doing and assist our professionals with performance of drain cleaning in Toronto. Our company has been doing work on drains in Toronto and GTA for many years and we know what it takes to repair or do drain cleaning. Our customers have been satisfied with professional work we do and have left hundreds of positive reviews about us. Drain Service Toronto has worked directly with home owners and home renovation contractors that require specific work for drain and plumbing.  Our expertise in residential and commercial drain and waterproofing help us stay ahead of our competitors in Toronto. We would like to thank all of our customers for choosing us over other drain companies in Toronto and letting us prove that professional work can be done on time and budget.

Which pipes get blockage and require drain cleaning service

Blockage in Toilet – home owners forget that piping to the toilet is just piping and can get blocked by objects you flush down. Yes it is slightly bigger than other drain pipes, but it does not mean you can put anything and hope it magically disappears. Most of the blockage in toilets happens when being careless or having kids flush down things they shouldn’t.

Blockage in Kitchen Drain – There is lots of waste that comes of your dishes and products that you clean in the kitchen sink. If you as a home owner want stay safe, without having to perform drain maintenance, we suggest to put sink stoppers that collect the waste and can be removed easily. Throw in the garbage leftovers on the dishes and don’t let them go into pipes.

Blockage in Bathtubs and Showers – Yes the pipes should be good enough to pass water with the dirt when we take bath or shower. But there are situations when homeowners or their kids are being careless and wash their dirty shoes or other belongings that can block the pipes and result in Toronto drain cleaning. If you have to wash something something with larger amount of dirt on it, use a plug and collect residue to flush it in toilet.

Blockage in Sink – The size of drain pipes in the sink is smaller than in your toilet or shower. That is why it will get blocked easily if you are not being careful. In our experience most of the sink blockage happens because of hair trapped in the pipe and result of drain cleaning process. Do not flush down any wastes or dirty water in your sink.

Blockage in Floor Drains – This pipe connects all your drains from the house or industrial building and can be blocked with anything. All above listed can be combined and create blockage in floor drain. In addition you will need drain fixing because of collected rust, moulds, roots, calcium accumulation and other pieces of materials that end up in the drain and get stuck in one place.

Methods of drain cleaning in Toronto

Snaking blockage – One of the most popular ways of cleaning drain in Toronto is snaking. In other words we stick the metal wire with curved edges down your drain and with twisting and pulling motions grab the waste that blocks the drain pipes. Snaking is performed for minor blockages that accumulate not far from the drain entrance.

Hydro jetting and power washing – When your pipes get blocked far away from the entrance, where snaking cannot be used for drain cleaning, we can use our latest equipment to push out the waste with pressured water. We will connect source of water that will potentially get rid of whatever is stuck in your pipes.

Cleaning drain with chemicals – There are ways to resolve the problem without potentially using any equipment and going into the pipes. There are chemicals that can be used that flow with water and end up at the drain blockage. They will mix with dirt or waste and will dissolve it in short time. Use of chemicals is used for drain cleaning in toilets and shower pipes.

Using bio materials – Biological method is very similar to chemical and is very popular in Toronto. The main difference is that bio materials are used to dissolve and work better on organic waste blockage. Bacteria goes into piping and attacks organic waste making it disintegrate. We recommend professional assistance from experienced drain company for this method.

Services of drain cleaning provided

There are different types of services we provide in Toronto and each customers will be treated individually for what the needs are. The most common and known in our business services is emergency or same day drain cleaning. Home owners need to keep up with their schedule and have to fix pipes immediately. This is why our emergency drain services will be suitable for cleaning all your pipes in the house or condo. If there is no rush and you would like to schedule one of our services, we can definitely do that as well. This is one the situations where drain pipe does not affect every day life of home owners. Be it a basement pipe or a second home, there are situations where our clients would like to get more information and price estimate before any work can take place. Sometimes you can request regular maintenance of drain cleaning for your place and have us come by annually or whatever the case is. This does not happen in average Toronto house, and is more suitable for restaurants and commercial places where drain pipes are known to get blocked from time to time. If you want to do things yourself and just have couple of questions, don’t hesitate to call us. Our professionals can help you over the phone with suggestions and smaller drain problems.