Drain Repair Oakville

When and why should you hire a professional for drain repair?

Do you have a damaged sewer or drain lines? Are you in search for drain repair Oakville service? But how do you tell if your sewer or drain line is in need of replacement or repair? If it is just blocked with a piece of soap or is actually broken? By hiring a licensed and qualified plumber, you can be sure that a correct action is taken for the permanent resolving of a draining problem.

 Drain Repair of clogged pipes

Why does drain needs repair?

Low quality or poorly installed lines running underground are vulnerable to collapse and breakage. Similarly, the old ways of constructing a drain like out of clay, loses its strength and capacity to hold water with time. The amount of damage caused by chemical products and tree roots can never be underestimated. It is common for house owners to experience tree roots strongly penetrating through the strongest sewer lines. In several cases, the blockage of drain lines can easily be treated by using trenchless repair methods. This does not require digging gardens or laws, or even the foundation of patios, sidewalks and driveways.


The plumbing drain repair Oakville professionals would discover the location of collapse and blockage with the tool that is designed to clear the drain line.  Once cleared, the pipe line technology will be used to repair the damage of an old pipe and replace it with a long lasting and stronger pipe. If the problem persists, these professionals would use the art-video camera tool to visually inspect the drainage system and find the weak spot.

Why hire a professional plumber?

  1. Plumbers know drains

How much do you know about drains? One or two things? Accept it. The most we know is that it takes water from our bathtubs, sinks and showers towards the local water treatment line. A properly working drain is so simple to understand, but the second it starts to stink and throw back the water that is supposed to pass down- you will need an extra knowledge that you probably don’t have. That is why the help of a professional drain repair Oakville plumber is required to understand the nature of damage and the tools required to fix it.

  1. Better tools

The liquid drain cleaner is a nice product. But only till it cleanses an already clean drain. It can fix a few things- like clearing the remains of soap or food, but a drain opener too is unable to help you if there is a damage within the pipeline. You have to see the drain, find the problem and then fix it.  By hiring a professional plumber, you bring home their specialized tools that identify the problem by using the latest technology. Then, there is no finger crossing, no guessing games. Just a clear cut procedure which solves the problem.

  1. Guaranteed service

When you are working with reputable drain repair Oakville plumbers, you will see that they back their service with a guarantee. When anything goes wrong again, you can just give them a call to recheck the problem. The do it yourself methods give you no such guarantees. In fact, chances are you will increase the problem instead of decreasing it. And when that happens, you will have to call a professional anyway. Often times, drain cleaners actually do more damage to your pipelines then helping them. A chemical compound stuck inside your pipe could be harmful for the health of your family.


Saves money:

By hiring a professional, you are saving yourself money to buy drain opening tools and products. If you did not know already, they are expensive. So if you have to invest anyway, why not on something that actually gives you a 100% guarantee?

When to call a professional?

Foul Odor

Persistent odor from sewer is an indication of a major drainage problem. Does it stink when you open the water? If yes, then it is time to take a step. A professional drain repair Oakville plumber would examine the drain and assess the problem. Many times the odor can be repaired by cleaning the pipe. Other times, it is important to replace it with a new one to permanently solve the problem.

Slow Drains

Slow drains is another serious indication of a drainage problem. A slow-moving and clogged drain often seems like a normal problem- but it has the ability to quickly turn into a long-lasting damage. Slow drain means:

  • Clogged pipes
  • Pipes have become narrower due to grease or mineral buildup
  • Improper drainage grading
  • Broken pipes

Only a professional can indicate the root cause of slow drains.

Multiple clogged drains

This means that the entire drainage system of your house is in trouble. Before you start seeing water marks on your wall and floor- call a professional who would examine the drainage system. Individual fixtures will be tried, otherwise a complete pipe line repair would be recommended.

Water flooding

One of the worst problem that is associated with chocked up pipe line is sewage backup. If the water floods back in your floor drain/basement drain, then it is a serious indication that the problem has gone beyond the clogging of pipe. Water flooding also means that the water you are using is contaminated and mixed with the one that was supposed to run in the sewage system. When this happens, call a reputable and noteworthy drain repair Oakville service that would prevent the progression of this problem.