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Old pipes are something you cannot control and eventually they will be outdated. When the time comes it is better to be prepared and have the right company to call for your Toronto drain repair. If your home has not had upgrades in underground piping for decades, than most likely you have older clay or even cast iron pipes that are not practical these days. It is proven that while performing work for drain repair Toronto the best and probably the most pipes that are used in the business are made from plastic. They last longer time and are very durable. Plastic pipes create resistance for roots going the walls. Older ceramic pipes get cracked and wear out much faster and cause major problems for drain systems in houses. Our company is there to help to repair Toronto drain and change the pipes with new materials that will last much longer. Small backups that are caused by clogged drain pipes can lead to floods and damaged furniture if you do not take care of it properly fat enough. We strongly recommend calling us and scheduling an inspection for damages and blockage that could be easier to fix in early stages. By responding to emergency calls the same day and being able to take action immediately our drain repair company stands out from our competitors in business. Trust true professionals with plumbing licenses and experience in all aspects of drain works, waterproofing and plumbing connections.

Reasons for repairing drain

To give an idea to our clients that are not familiar with how pipes work in their building we try to explain before any works takes the place. The drain system collects all recycled water with toilet waste and carries it to the main city main system that goes to refineries. There are trees all around Toronto frontages of the house on all of the roads. These threes are good for photosynthesis and keeping our city green, but the roots are damaging the pipes. Roots come through small cracks into old pipes and grow due to moisture and warmer temperatures inside. While new engineering systems prevent roots from spreading far, they are not used within most residential areas. The second reason for drain repair in Toronto is due to leakage of drain pipes. This could be due to small holes or inadequate connection of pipes. Third reason would be complete blockage of drain. If you flush down the toilet objects that are not able to dissolve in water they get stuck and block the entire pipe somewhere on the way to city line. It could also be due to improper connection, pipes shifting down and unable to carry the load of waste. The last and the most common situation in older neighbourhood of Toronto is pipe collapsing due to wear and tear. Ceramic and clay materials do not last long and collapse under pressure of soil, especially if underground water exists. The pipes brake and completely stop drain from the house. These situations are rated from mild to emergency and need professional assistance of experienced company.

Methods of repairing drain

There are situations when you need drain repair Toronto, and you have called few companies to help you with this problem. While some contractors may take advantage of customers that are not familiar with the process and charge more than they should, our company believes that educating the client first is a must. By doing that we show our knowledge in the field and build further relationship. It is your house and you hire us to repair your drain, we understand that you will ask us many questions of what exactly we are doing and that is why we like to explain everything from the beginning. If there is small leakage in water pipe or drain, the job could be as small as tightening the pipe. This is not a serious problem and could be fixed by any worker, but takes experience and knowledge to understand the problem. If there is a small blockage near the entrance, it could be fixed with snaking and getting out whatever is stopping the flow. Do not fall for immediately changing the pipes and spending ten thousand of dollars on Toronto drain repair. Ask for camera inspection and see if your drain system is as damaged as the company representative claims. In worst case scenario we will need to dig trenches and replace old ceramic pipes with new plastic material. Some of our clients have modern landscapes on their lawns or simply don’t have space for trenches. To repair drain in those situations we use pipe bursting machine that goes underground and replaces the old pipe with new without putting a shovel in the ground.

Choosing to work with professionals

There are many reasons why we stand out from other companies in Toronto that promote services of drain repair, waterproofing and plumbing. Here are just few of them:

  • 24 hours phone support
  • Emergency services and on call professionals
  • Licensed plumbers and technicians
  • Insurance and liability of up to 5 million
  • Competitive prices for all of our drain repairs
  • Warranties on plumbing, drain and waterproofing
  • Best customer service in Toronto

Our company is happy to assists you in all small or big repairs that your drain system needs. Contact us to schedule free estimate by phone number listed on the header of the website. If you are not sure about the work than needs to be performed, our professionals can visit your home and advise you on necessary changes and repairs.