Drain Snaking Burlington

Get to know the plumber’s snake

A plumber’s snake is an innocent looking tool that has a weird name. This tool could be a life savior if used in the right way. You might have seen it before with one of the professional drain snaking Burlington plumbers. It is a flexible slender auger that is used by professionals to unclog drains or toilets. The snake is usually used for stubborn or difficult clogs that won’t go away with the plunger. It has a handle on one end and the plumber will move it around to dislodge the clog.

Drain Repair by Plumbers

Drain snaking Burlington plumbers use augers that have a coiled helix shaped metal wire with gaps between the coil at the one and a handle on the other. Some augers use motors to unclog pipes. They come in different shapes and sizes to unclog all types of drains and pipes, from the smallest to the biggest ones.

If the drain or pipe is clogged by some soft or shredded material like grass or paper, the auger will help cut it and break it into small pieces where it will be able to pass and easily flow. If there is a hard obstacle, the auger might be able to pick it so that the plumber can pull it away. Or it can simply make the pipe wider by scraping off residual and mineral oils that deposit on the internal sides of the pipe and make it narrower.

What are the main types of plumber snakes?

Hand snakes:

These are used by drain snaking Burlington specialists to unclog the drains of bathroom and kitchen sinks. They could also be used to unclog shower drains. They have a small diameter so that they can work through small pipes. The small head is the perfect tool to catch up tangled hair that clogs your shower drain. The hair is a natural substance that might take forever to degenerate so a hand snake is just the perfect tool to pick it up. Hand snakes shouldn’t be used to unclog toilets because they might scratch the bowl. They could break the internal pipes and can cause serious damage.

Closet snakes or toilet snakes:

These are usually shorter than other augers and have a relatively different design. A closet auger is named after the water closet. It has a shorter handle and a hook shaped piece of metal on the other end. The hook design makes it easier to move the snake into the toilet. Toilet snakes used by drain snaking Burlington plumbers usually have some plastic protection around the metal hook. This is meant to protect the porcelain internals of the toilet bowl. If this plastic coating or protection is not present, the internals of the toilet could be scratched or broken, which can lead to some serious leakage. An auger should be used with care to work out clogs. Most of the toilet clogs occur in the trap, a J shaped pipe located below or within the piping fixture. After flushing the toilet, some stuff might get trapped there. The closet snake is just the right length and design to push this stuff away or to retrieve them to clear a clog.

Drum snakes:

These are motorized augers with cutting blades. They are designed to cut through materials that get trapped inside different pipes or drains. These drum augers must be used only by the most skillful drain snaking Burlington professional plumbers. When used by inexperienced users they can cause serious damage to your plastic or even copper pipes. They are very strong and should be kept away from people who don’t know how to use them. Proper precautions should be taken if they are used around water, since they have to be connected to electricity. If the pipes are clogged by rocks or stones, these drum augers shouldn’t be used. The rocks could break the blades and you will end up with more clogging in your pipes.

What else should you know about the plumbing snakes?

  • A professional will test the clog first before working it. They will see if it can be pushed through without damaging the pipe. Pushing a big object through a plastic pipe might break it. Snaking should be done with extra care and patience.
  • If the pipe is clogged by a big hard object, a snake could be inserted behind it to retrieve it. This will work for wood, stones, rocks and other hard material.
  • Some chemicals or solvents could help the plumber go through the snaking until the clog is cleared. Many chemicals are designed to digest proteins and other organic material. These will work if your drain is clogged by food remains or hair.
  • Your plumber should be careful with the type of chemicals they are using. These chemicals should be safe to use on your internal pipes. Inform your plumber of what your pipes are made of so that they can unclog them without any extra damage or cost.