Drain Snaking Oakville

What should you know about snaking a drain?

Having a clogged drain is not a pleasant sight but can also cause a lot of damage. If for any reason you left your water running, you could end with a flooded bathroom or even a flooded home. This could damage your furniture and your flooring forever. That’s why it is very important to find the most qualified drain snaking Oakville specialists to unclog your drains.

drain snaking in bathroom

What are the tools used for snaking?

Snaking a drain is done using a tool called the auger. The auger is a snake like piece that has a handle on one end. There are 2 types of augers, the drain augers and the closet augers. Drain augers are mostly used by drain snaking Oakville plumbers to unclog sink drains while closet augers are used to unclog toilets.

Why should you hire a professional to unclog your drains?

The best and most qualified plumbers will have enough experience to assess the situation. A professional plumber will know if they are dealing with a simple clogging or one that requires extra effort to work. If your drain is clogged by some hair or chunks of soap, the plumber will know how to push them around to unclog the drain.

Moreover, the best drain snaking Oakville professionals will know if your clogging requires the use of some chemical solvents or other tools used to unclog stubborn drains. They will have access to the best and most professional equipment and they will know how to deal with the situation professionally and safely.

Does hiring a professional plumber to unclog your drains save you money?

Yes, it does. Trying to unclog your drain yourself is very time consuming but some people might resort to it in order to save a few bucks. But this is very untrue.

In order to unclog your drain, you will have to buy a lot of professional tools. You will head to the local store, go through dozens of weird looking tools, solvents, chemicals and stuff that you didn’t know you could ever need. You don’t really know what is waiting for you inside the drain, right? So you’d better be prepared. You could end up returning stuff that didn’t work and still have to buy others.

At the same time if everything started to actually work, you could end up doing some internal damage with your auger. The auger could scratch or break one of the internal pipes and you will not even know until your drain or toilet starts leaking. In this case, you will have to pay more money to replace the pipes, the entire sink or toilet.

Finally, working with plumbing tools should be left to professionals for a very good reason. Some of these tools are not exactly designed to be used by amateurs. They could be dangerous to work with. Using chemicals is not for everybody. You should have some sort of protection, maybe some plastic gloves or even more.

For these reasons, hiring a professional drain snaking Oakville service is actually an economically conscious decision. You are paying money for a professional service, that some people would suggest that you can do for free on your own. But this claim is totally wrong. Doing this yourself will cost you a lot of time and also money for things that you would probably never use again. If you are a bit unlucky or clumsy, you might also end up with paying tremendous bathroom makeover fees.

How to avoid having clogged drains?

It is better safe than sorry, and even if you have already worked your problem with the help of the best drain snaking Oakville plumbers, you need to know how to avoid having this situation in the future. Here are the best tips to follow so that you will never have a clogged drain again:

  • Use a strainer: A lot of times your drain will get clogged when small objects that get trapped inside. Think of all the food particles that get thrown into the kitchen sink, or the hair that falls into your shower sink. A strainer will keep these small things outside the drain pipe where you can easily dispose them.
  • Use your garbage disposer properly: After you have already used your garbage disposer, keep the water running for a whole minute or so. This is will ensure that all the leftovers are flushed down the drain pipe and into the big main pipe which will probably not clog so easily.
  • Don’t dump things down the toilet: Many people throw things down the toilet, thinking that flushing them will get rid of them forever. Sometimes this doesn’t happen quite easily. Tissue paper, sanitary napkins and small pieces of paper can cause some serious toilet clogging. They will stay there and your toilet might start to overflow. Always have a small basket next to your toilet to dispose items. This will save you a lot of unnecessary hassle.