Drain Snaking Toronto

Toronto Drain Services has been helping clients with drain and plumbing issues for many years. The most common and know method in the industry is called “drain snaking” or just “snaking”. But what does it really mean? The snake is actually a metal cable with edges on the side. It’s flexibility allows the cable to be twisted and fit into the drain pipes with edges and angles. Thin edges on the side of the cable help to grab waste and materials that are in the drain pipes and get it outside. Residential drain snake cab be as long as fifty feet and is used by all plumbing companies in Toronto. Industrial metal snakes can be larger in diameter due to larger drain pipes and much longer than regular residential snakes. First defence against clogged drains is obviously maintenance that prevents the blockage before it even happens, but if there is one and plunger will not work, snake is the most used tool or piece of equipment in drain industry. When used by professional snaking can take up to few hours, depending on the blockage. We have been doing this for many years and know how to get clogged materials out without actually having to repair or replace drain pipe. Our emergency services work very fast and will come to your place for drain snaking services within several hours after you call in. Do not waste your time and money on drain companies that will trick you into replacing the whole drain when there is no need to do that and simple snaking will solve the problem.

Why use drain service Toronto for snaking

Tons of companies in Greater Toronto Area claim to be experts in drain and plumbing but why should you choose us for the work at your house or business? First of all we have been in the business for several decades and know how to leave customer happy. If we did not work as hard and professional as we claim, our business would not last that long. In our experience, very rarely that our professional representative damages the pipe. If so we guarantee the results and come back to fix it for free. Other drain snaking companies will leave you hanging and make you pay for any extra services that they think may be required. Despite charging less than most of the companies in the area, we have more equipment that could help solve the problem with drain issues. All of our tools are checked regularly for damages and changed for newer model when required. Salesmen and supervisors have trucks full of tools and equipment to help any crew on site when required. Drain Service Toronto is always on the spot with emergency calls and scheduled appointments for estimates and drain snaking services. Don’t waste your time with companies that will schedule you for a week ahead and never show up, because they are irresponsible. Call us today and receive the service you deserve. We have been working with drains and plumbing issues and can proudly say that our prices are very competitive if not the best in industry. The estimate is free anyways, so why not give us a call right now?

Residential and commercial snaking services

Most of the services we provide are in residential houses in Greater Toronto Area. Sometimes it is directly for home owners and sometimes we work for builders that are in the process of finishing the house. While working with the house, professionals know the entrance and exit routs of the drains and can freely operate without any limitations. As pipes go from floor to floor we can follow the rout and work on drain snaking where the blockage is. Single family house is the most preferred place for our specialists to work with drain and plumbing. Condo work can be more difficult and complex because of piping between the units. Regardless of emergency condo policies may restrict any work to specific hours and you will have to wait until the morning to fix plumbing and drain snaking services. Because the blockage can be far away from your entrance at the sink or toilet, we need an approval from building management to snake the pipes that go further in the building. Most of drain pipes in condo buildings are smaller than in regular house and can get blocked by waste much faster. Office drain snaking is very similar to condominium. The space leased or owned by the office can be limited and to operate there will be requirement for management or owner approval. Industrial buildings and businesses such as restaurants have problems with drains all the time. Drain services at industrial businesses can be more expensive due to larger blockages and equipment that has to be used for the work.

Different drain system snaking

In most cases drain in shower goes down into trap. Regularly blockages in shower pipes are caused by hair accumulation and pieces of soap clogged together. We strongly recommend to use regular 1/4 cable for drain snaking even though diameter of the drain is larger than in sinks. Sinks usually have a clean out at the bottom, which could be used for drain snaking. Sometimes the blockages are closer to the pipe entrance and can easily be cleared by taking out trap, located just below the sink and with few taps can be cleared. Usually it will be the food wastes that go down the drain and block it. Main line drains have the largest pipes in diameter and can be around 3 inches. To perform drain snaking in those pipes you need larger and heavier cable, because smaller snakes will not push through the blockage and can make a knot inside the pipe. Washing machine drains get blocked all the times from threads and pieces of cloth from clothes. The clean out is near the machine and can be used for drain snaking in the laundry room. If you are not sure what caused the blockage and need a professional company to help you immediately, call us today and get a free quote.